Nominees are announced on the 21st of December 2017. Results will be announced on the 30th of December 2017. You have three votes per category!

Results 2017

What a year it has been for dubstep. It was very exciting seeing Tempa’s A&R Youngsta establish his own label Sentry Records this year on which he is signing some fascinating music. Two thousand seventeen has also been the year in which Truth released their album “Wilderness of Mirrors” on Disciple while they’ve been consistently supporting a bunch of remarkable talented up-and-comers on their label Deep Dark & Dangerous. Sleeper’s Crucial recordings amazed us every time with a strong combination of stunning artwork and forward-thinking beats. Innamind Recordings did set the standard as usual, as we were even treated with EVA808’s “Prrr”. The Bandulu family caused some serious damage, while label owner VIVEK put forward a bunch of sick records on his renowned System Music. Dubstep veteran Seven released his third full-fledged album on his label Uprise Audio and let’s not forget Artikal Music UK’s amazing compilation, carefully put together by J:Kenzo..

And don’t even get us started on the exceptional high number of quality 001’s popping off (think Navy Cut, Rarefied, Innerverse,..) while so many other dubstep imprints have been on top of their game as well. An endless list including imprints from Encrypted Audio to White Peach Records, from Infernal Sounds to Chestplate. Mala’s DEEP MEDi was a bit under-represented quantity-wise this year but the quality was there nonetheless as they will undoubtedly smash it next year with their highly-anticipated MEDi100. And FKOFv001 featuring Taiko and District might be the most underrated record of the year. We didn’t even mention half of the relevant dubstep labels but our point is obvious: 2017 has been one for the books.

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Why an awards for dubstep? The last few years have been exceptional for dubstep music. Obviously it’s not our intention to start any competition between the diversity within dubstep, yet we feel it’s important to have a representative awards for dubstep in which the community is able to participate and vote.

The “Dubstep Awards 2017″ should be considered as a summary of the past year rather than a real competition. Together with the expertise of our partners Unearthed Sounds, JunoDownload, /r/realdubstep and Cygnus Music, we carefully selected nominees in ten categories. As you might remember, the past three years we hosted our own annual awards for which we strictly nominated content we promoted on our own platform. This year we want to expand the concept and nominate all relevant content within dubstep. In analogy to what Dubstep Forum did back around 2010, we present the Dubstep Awards 2017 together with a respected and independent team. For each category we first put together a long list. Then we properly considered each individual nominee to make sure the final shortlist of nominees in each category would be representative for 2017. We believe this is an entertaining way to re-discover your favourites and find out what you’ve missed in 2017. Via this way we also aim to expose the original dubstep sound to a wider crowd.